Unique pieces - Backlit bas-reliefs / aluminium and Leds, Acrylic paint and hand made applications of Crystals from Swarovski® "Colours & Effects" Flatbacks collection. Installation on wall 700 x 183 cm. All the pieces are sold with an electronic certificate of Crystals from Swarovski® authenticity and signed by the artist.

An imaginary garden, inspired by the moments of light and darkness, triumphs and failures, joys and sorrows of the human being. Art installation where the light plays the main role. Backlighted flower and birds silhouettes floating in the air are gifted with thousand flashes of crystals that illuminate this garden of shadows. Reflections of human being, fragile and strong, dark and bright, always changing “...we grow up with adversity, we develop ourselves with emotions and we flourish with our dreams …” Diva combine opaque crystals that offer volumes, a subtle and elegant brightness using two colours of Flatbacks Crystals from Swarovski® collection,  Jet & Jet hematite on a backlit bas relief / aluminium and Leds.
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