The last Diva’s art work Beautiful Life impacts us with his power and depth.The artist works here with a very strong color contrast with a daring combination between gold and black. With only one color the Golden Shadow of the Swarovski range Colors and effects , Diva give shines and textures to this photographic portrait. The artist manipulates her images with a lot of creativity and a personal style that transforms her models in some characters of fantasy and dreams. In this piece, the protagosnist is a young male rap singer Holydayzz.

“ I felt seduced by his style but above all his incredible personality. He was born in Africa, and  has a very strong cultural ethnicity. I  could portray a natural elegance and a prominent feature with a powerful and strong energy. The melanin tone  fascinates me. The obscureness makes me want to cover them with light…”

But futher over a simple portrait this artwork is a reflection of a deep and contradictory feeling of the artist about human beings. Beautiful Life pays tribute to this permanent contrast whIch sets our lives between happiness and sadness, light and darkness, life and death.

“ We are fleeting and fragile like flowers. It makes me emotional when i’m contemplating each moment because i know that it’s wonderfully unique..”

The artwork Beautiful Life is part of a serie of exclusive portraits that Diva will develop during this year, portraying some several and various characters all around the world.
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