In this new work titled Crystalline, the artist Diva invites us to a visual journey back to our essence. The artist, in the title of the work, makes a reference to the musical work of the singer Bjork who draws inspiration from minerals to create sounds. Diva considers her work, like that of Bjork, to have a strong connection with nature; the use of Crystals from Swarovski® allows her to play with the power of light in a conscious way. The feminine subject of this piece seamlessly blends into the crystalline background of vegetation and flowers that grow from her hair, making her one with nature. Her expression conveys peace and tranquility. She seems to be peering into the infinite as if fascinated by something that the artist does not let us see... just ponder...

Diva's works certainly leaves us with a sense of serenity and hope.

"We live violent moments and dark. In my work I try to reflect the universal light, which     gives energy and life to every living being on this planet including plants, animals and of  course humans. Crystals from Swarovski® is for me a channel which has the ability to reflect this light. Beyond a simple material, it has the power to connect to our dreams and to remind us that we are light, not darkness”

In this work, the artist applies the classic Crystal tone of the Swarovski® Colors & Effects range by varying different sizes of crystals with creativity in order to create the 3-dimensional effects characteristic of her style. Crystalline forms part of a concept series of exclusive portraits and unique pieces where the artist portrays a variety of characters. Portraits can be designed and created on request for those people eager to be part of the luminous world of Diva.

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