The “Butterfly of light” is a very exclusive artwork created by the artist Diva. This piece was ordered by the Mobergs founders de B5 the Art of living to decorate the main wall of their villa in Cannes. The colors, the objects and the space will be the new habitat of this creation. The piece is a butterfly with fascinating beauty, adorned with 9000 Crystals from Swarovski® in opaque black and gold translucent tones. A chromatic effect is a creation of a powerful contrast with gold colours of the Stucco Veneziano finishing of the wall. The subtile dialogue between the light and the material creates a stunning sparkling effect for this artwork realized with a aluminium shape painted and adorned by hand. The luminescence has a very important role in the Butterfly of light “mise en scene”,  It's  illuminated on her back by Leds to create an optical sensation that floats on the wall.

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