This work by Diva titled The Angel's secret garden was commissioned by one of her clients eager to surprise her husband with a suggestive and sensual portrait of herself. The portraits of Diva bring out the essence of people. The artist develops a deep working relationship with her models so that she can identify their desires and their dreams. With her collaborator Ivan Grey, Diva transforms the photographic studio into a true world of fantasy and light, creating an atmosphere specially adapted to the model and their life story. In this magical environment, the artist lets the person express themselves in front of the camera, giving priority to naturalness and spontaneity.
"I try to extract the inner world from the people, the beauty of their souls, which sometimes they are not capable of seeing"

In The Angel's secret garden, Diva plays with the subtle and elegant tones of the Colors and Effects range of Crystals from Swarovski®, creating a sparkling spray of color in Chrysalite Opal that illuminates flowers and vegetation. The crystal of the pearl blends wonderfully with the fine lace of the model's underwear, giving the finished work a 3-dimensional feel and reality.

"It seems that she is there... an angel lying in a bed of flowers, so real yet inaccessible...”

I like to create parallel universes where my models can play out their own fantasies.
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