The White Soul is the latest work by Diva, part of a series of portraits in which the artist is inspired by real people and their deepest essence. The protagonist of this work is the talented make-up artist and model Letona Kristiana Zaula, who let herself be carried away by the creative energy of Diva and her collaborator, the photographer Ivan Gray.

“Kristiana is a very attractive being whose striking beauty has an angelic and mysterious air that we just had to highlight. I chose white as the dominant colour – a symbol of purity – and the Moonlight tone of the Swarovski® range to enhance the natural light of the image and of the face in particular"

Playing with the different sizes of crystals, Diva creates a dew of sparkles that gives a three-dimensionality to the image, making it even more real. The portrait really takes on a life of its own. Beyond a simple portrait The White Soul refers to a class of unique people that the artist calls "beings of light". For Diva, her model Kristiana is one of those people who have the power to illuminate everything around them just by their presence, by their energy that seems to fill every space they occupy with joy.

Such people are radiant and attractive, irresistible and inspiring.

"In this world of darkness, free souls shine, they are light and love. They have inspired me to create this portrait that is the reflection of divine existence"
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